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11: Running Off the Cuff

Published 9 February 2013 Hosted by Branden Maynes and Daniel “Jelly” Farrelly

A Star Wars movie featuring Yoda, the possibility of Portal and Half Life movies from Bad Robot (J.J. Abrams), the Superbowl ads, GoDaddy’s awful advertising, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, the dramatic retelling of the origin of Doctor Who (the show, not the character) and the controversy surrounding CNET having it’s product reviews interfered with by it’s parent company, CBS.

Meanwhile, Jelly rants about sexism in advertising, and Branden rants about objectivity in media. The boys also announce a sweet t-shirt giveaway. You could score a cool Jelly and Bean t-shirt!

To hear how to win one of the t-shirts, answer the question mentioned in this episode on any of our social media pages, or via our contact form. There are two shirts up for grabs, and the availability of sizes is somewhat limited (because this is a promo batch of shirts). Entries close Thursday, February 14 2013 at 7pm AEST, and the winners will be announced in Episode 12.

Show Notes