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18: I’m Drinking to Remember

Published 30 March 2013 Hosted by Branden Maynes and Daniel “Jelly” Farrelly

Privacy given as a reason for Google Reader’s demise, BBC drops a Doctor Who prequel for ‘The Bells of Saint John’, a new TV spot for Iron Man 3 introduces a new development that’s a really nice surprise, a trailer finally surfaces for The Wolverine, an Australian store starts charges $5 for “just looking”, Yahoo buys iOS app Summly for $30M and Microsoft pre-empts disgruntled victims of a privacy breach by giving them Microsoft Points.

Meanwhile, the memory lapses begin early and the boys both use computers to do basic mathematics. Also, Jelly geeks out over the new Iron Man TV spot, Bean reminisces about the only part of the original Wolverine movie that he remembers and they both struggle to comprehend paying to enter a shop.

Show Notes