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28: Bean There, Don That

Published 8 June 2013 Hosted by Branden Maynes and Daniel “Jelly” Farrelly

Podcasting is under threat from a patent troll, and you can help defend it; Karen Gillan and Benicio Del Toro both join the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy; Matt Smith announces that he’s leaving Doctor Who and the world goes into a casting frenzy; Arrested Development returns with a new season of the beloved show; and DC’s Fables is heading to the movies.

Meanwhile, Bean tries his best to cast Don Cheadle as the Twelfth Doctor and Jelly gives his thoughts after having watched the new Arrested Development through one and a bit times. Also, the boys come up with a new TV show starring the antics of Bean and Don Cheadle, with Jelly featuring as the quirky neighbour. Sounds just like this show, really.

Show Notes