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6: Jelly and Scream

Published 29 December 2012 Hosted by Craig Moore and Daniel “Jelly” Farrelly

A round-up of Boxing Day releases with a guest host, Craig Moore (@TheScreamMan)! The Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Special, Les Misérables, Wreck-It-Ralph, the Rise of the Guardians, and of course, the Hobbit.

Meanwhile, Craig and Jelly spend several minutes agreeing that Jenna-Louise Coleman is hot, and Jelly admits a deep dark secret: he’s never watched (or read) any of the the Lord of the Rings books/movies.

SPOILER WARNING! Please note that there are spoilers for several of the discussed topics. If you would like to listen to a specific segment or skip one, you can use these timestamps as a guide:

Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Special: 0:15:34 - 0:27:05
Les Misérables: 0:27:05 - 0:34:21
Wreck-It-Ralph: 0:34:21 - 0:42:22
The Rise of the Guardians: 0:42:22 - 0:47:25
The Hobbit: 0:47:25 - 1:13:26

Show Notes